Wild About You

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

By: Steve Saindon

Is there anyone that is wild about you? Anyone who thinks that you’re amazing?

As we try to rid ourselves of debilitating shame we must learn to see God as he really is. Only then will we stand a fighting chance at overcoming crippling insecurities that stifle the gospel.

The most prolific biblical picture of the Messiah is that He is our adoring Bridegroom-King. Creation began with a wedding (Gen. 2), the new creation began in the same way (Jn. 2), and the Bible closes with the start of an eternal honeymoon between Christ and the church.

To illustrate the depth of God's adoring love for us, let's look at one of my favorite passages of scripture.

Psalm 45 is one of the four Messianic songs (Psa. 2, 22, 110). It was originally written as a wedding song for one of the kings of Israel, probably king Solomon. But I believe this Psalm is really about King Jesus. In fact, Psalm 45 is quoted in Hebrews chapter 1, where it is used to describe the Messiah.

In the heading of the Psalm we see it is called a Maskil, which means it is a song meant to be used for instruction (Eph. 5:19, Col. 3:16). Verse 1 introduces the entire poem to the audience. The author is boiling over with joy because he has a great story to tell. Indeed, this song tells the entire Bible story. It’s about a majestic King who marries a beautiful woman, and through their love relationship they fill the earth with Princes that will rule all the nations. Sounds just like Genesis 1 and 2 doesn't it? This of course, is all about Jesus and us ( Isa 53:10-54:5, Matt. 28:18-20 ). Here is a simple outline......

1-Psalm 45:1 An Amazing Story

2-Psalm 45:2-8 The Majestic Bridegroom

3-Psalm 45:9-15 The Beautiful Bride

4-Psalm 45:16-17 Offspring that will Rule All the Nations

With these themes in mind, take a moment to read through Psalm 45.

Singing is one of the most efficient ways to learn. How did you learn the alphabet? Wasn’t it by singing a cute little song. But singing does more than help us remember. It also, embeds convictions deep within our souls and emotions. Bible truths can go from head to heart through the poetry of scripture. What truths would be cemented within us if we sang Psalm 45? This is a song for instruction – so what does God want us to know about the Bridegroom and His Bride?

First, King Jesus is the most "eligible bachelor." He is the “most excellent” of all men. He is majestic, victorious, gracious, humble and eternal. A practical response would be to devote our whole hearts and lives to him. No suitor of the world could compare.

Second, He is the all powerful protector of his Bride. He is the only one who can heal her troubled soul. The “last Adam” will do what the “first Adam” failed to do (1 Cor. 15:45). Soon King Jesus will stomp on the head of the serpent so he will never hurt the Bride again.

Third, this Bridegroom “loves righteousness and hates wickedness”. There is no darkness in Him, no selfishness whatsoever. Everything He does, He does to bless His Bride.

Fourth, this mighty King is “enthralled” with the beauty of His Bride (45:11 NIV). Other translations say that He is “ravished” by her (TPT), “yearns for her beauty” (THE VOICE), and “IS WILD FOR HER” (MSG). There is an entire book nestled in the heart of the Bible all about our mesmerized Messiah— the Song of Songs. You see, there is someone that is “WILD ABOUT YOU!” Jesus seems to think that you are worth dying for.

Fifth, our glorious King is full of joyful anticipation for His future wedding day and eternal honeymoon with His Bride-to-be (Song of Songs 3:11, Heb. 12:2). Shouldn’t we also be overtaken with enthusiasm? I have never met a gloomy fiancé. We should be "Bridezillas" for our Bridegroom!

Sixth, their shame-free union will produce many sons and daughters that will fill the entire world (Isa. 53-54:5).

When a starry-eyed man asks a woman to be his wife he humbly proposes on bended knee. Our eternal Bridegroom went much further than that. Because he is so passionate for us, He proposes to us by offering His life. His desire to be intimately one with us cannot be overstated.

In His eyes, Jesus’ fiancé is already stunning in every way. She has received a “head to toe makeover” by His sacrifice. Completely beautified by His blood. As Christians, we are no longer in the realm of sin and shame and we are not trying to be beautiful someday. We are beautiful now! Any "good deeds", only add to our attractiveness.

Since JESUS IS WILD ABOUT YOU, what would it look like for YOU TO BE WILD ABOUT HIM?

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