About Nourish to Flourish

Nourish to Flourish was born out of Steve's desire to help Christians of all ages learn how to love God more freely and deeply. The beginning of his own walk with God was fraught with shame, doubt, and loneliness. It took him years to truly embrace the riches of God's love and grace, to let go of that shame, and to live joyfully.

The mission of Nourish to Flourish is to inspire every christian to develop a deep love for the word, which nourishes our souls and allows us to fully embrace the abundant life promised to us by Jesus. 

Nourish to Flourish hopes to offer videos, publications, seminars, and personal help to those seeking the "life that is truly life." Though Steve takes a special interest in helping people have healthy, God-centered marriages, his passion is to help every christian, young or old, married or single, to have an intimate, free, and joy-filled walk with God.

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10

About Steve

During their almost forty year long ministry career Steve and his wife Kelli have served churches all over the US, including California, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, and Minnesota. They currently live in Wisconsin where Steve is the shepherding minister of the Chippewa Valley Church. Steve hopes to spend the latter years of his ministry encouraging the church, writing more books, investing in Nourish to Flourish, and spending lots of time with his five grandchildren. 

Praise for Steve & Nourish to Flourish

Our marriage was in the midst of battling through the darkest days and divorce was a conversation just a couple months prior. We had been seeing a marriage counselor for a couple months, but something was missing, and we just weren't making the progress we had hoped for. Steve came into our home and I have never been in the presence of someone who exuded so much love and empathy towards two people he knew almost nothing about. His passion for the sanctity of marriage is unparalleled. Steve not only helped us rebuild our marriage but taught us to forgive and love like Jesus. He was there for us as individuals and as a couple. He is an incredible mentor which evolved to loving family member. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all he did and continues to do for our family.

-Sarah Roemer   Oak Creek, WI

There is no person on this planet that I trust and respect more than Steve Saindon. His wisdom and understanding of relationship dynamics is only surpassed by his deep and sincere empathy. Steve has been a loyal and trusted mentor and advisor to me for years. His insight and support have proven to be invaluable as he has helped my wife and I through some of the darkest times in our marriage. There was a point when it seemed like our marriage was doomed and destined for divorce. Steve lovingly flew from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, while he was sick, to walk through the pain with us. His counsel was a beacon of light and his loving support guided us through the dark path until we regained our footing and found reconciliation, understanding, and hope. Now, 14 years later, our marriage is stronger and more joyful than ever. We can never repay Steve for the love and support that he offered to us in our time of greatest need. He is a remarkable man and we will forever be indebted to him. 

-Rick Meckemson    Los Angeles, CA

Steve Saindon is one of the most incredible, gifted, selfless people I have every met. My marriage was destined for divorce, then I was introduced to Steve by a friend. Steve met with us, prayed for God's guidance, listened to us, and taught us how to love unconditionally like Jesus. Steve did this every week, sometimes many times a week, for almost a year. We are now a happy, loving marriage through God and have a baby girl. Steve is so incredibly gifted by God, and with that I truly think he helped turn two lost souls into a beautiful christian family. We are still friends with Steve and consider him part of our family. I truly love Steve and can't thank him enough for saving us.

-John Roemer     Oak Creek, WI