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A Leader's View of God, Part 1

CLIMB Small Church Conference 2021

A Leader's View of God, Part 2

CLIMB Small Church Conference 2021

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Better Than Wine


If your relationship with God were set to music, what genre of music would it be? Some grindy punk rock? A depressing country-western? Boring elevator music? Or would it be a passionate love song? 

Jesus' first picture of the kingdom was at a wedding in Cana. A community celebration of two unashamed lovers whose union brilliantly revealed the lavish love God holds for his church. 

Better Than Wine walks readers through this divine wedding imagery and urges us to consider what earthly marriage could be like if we only heard the love song God has always been singing to us. 

Trauma & Grace with Steve Saindon

Steve had the opportunity to be apart of the Truth Trauma and Theology Youtube channel where he spoke with trauma counselor Kyle Spears. Together they discuss grace, trauma, and intimacy.